• Olivia Garden Homes

    Olive trees are very much at site in the redefined tropical landscape of Olivia Garden Homes. A pretty wider green lawn in the frontal part of the homes with as many as 5 car parking facilities. It has become an obvious choice for those seeking to be refreshed everyday.

    Olivia Real Estate View

  • Tivoli Garden Homes

    Tivoli Garden Homes are the most exclusive choice of the peace-loving families. Developed from Roman classic heritage and aspired with the tropical hegemony, the design and formation of the Tivoli Garden Homes have become one of the best destination of the pretty families of the Metropolis.

    Tivoli Real Estate View

  • Arville Garden Homes

    Arville Garden Homes are the most chosen homes of the Metro-dwellers. It’s pretty size and optimized design in the floor plans and spaces have been so much attractive that large-scale bungalows are often unmatchable to it’s compact definition.

    Arville Real Estate View

  • Kaspian Garden Homes

    ParkCity real estate is among the most luxurious and desired in the country, and its easy to see why. From the stunning vistas of the Turag and Karnatali rivers to the serenity of the National Zoo, from the glamour of Rivera Amusement World and artistic flair of coconut trees, ParkCity has it all.

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  • Collins Garden Homes

    Collins Garden Homes are considered the crown jewel of the Rivera ParkCity. The most aesthetic design of the frontier part of these homes have become a symbol of heritage of our ancient architecture.

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  • Caramel Garden Homes

    Caramel Garden Homes are the most exclusive choices of this capital city where architecture has become are expression of aesthetic living. Most elusive design in the building edges, columns and balconies are very much visible in these homes which represent unparalleled different style of the tropical landscape of the estate.

    Caramel Real Estate View


The Capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka the city with its exciting history and rich culture known around the world as the city of Bangla Moguls, it has attracted travelers from far and near through ages. Dhaka has grown into a busy city of about twelve million people with an area of about 1353 sq. km. Having a happy blending of old and new architectural trends, Dhaka has been developing fast as a modem city and is throbbing with activities in all spheres of life.

It is the Center of industrial, Commercial, Cultural, Educational and Political activities for Bangladesh. Urban population growth rates in Bangladesh are the highest among the South- and South-East Asian countries. Attraction of socio-cultural, educational and health and others facilities in the city. The concentration of different institution also led to high growth of the educated middle class. Western ideas increasingly infiltrated into the middle-class thinking through their education, in service training and the media- books, Journals and press.


The urban dwellers of Dhaka by always dreaming for living areas with greeneries, trees and plants, open spaces and lakes. A place with a little touch of green, living in a Eco-community with caring and sharing neighbors, and breathing clean air, fresh air both inside and outside all year long. Unveiling the dreams of urban dwellers and coping with the eco-friendly environment, The Rivera ParkCity has been developed with significant aspects of green architecture. Meticulously planned and perfectly designed, the sleekly modem exterior of The Rivera ParkCity belies the luxury and richness of the interior, sitting serenely in a guarded community overlooking the green landscaping and enveloped by luxuriant foliage, The Rivera ParkCity is an affluent com-munity of peace and tranquility.


Immaculately designed for the cream de la cream of societies finest. The architecture here is trying to create the spaces that interrelates, provokes and titillate the green senses. With the casual open layout, every com-position of creating spaces that interrelates, the architectural design exudes eminent and distinguished grace. The open spaces reach out to frame the view of an area of recreational or amenity land planted with grasses that is a standard feature of ornamental private lawns. The location of the open-to-sky terrace, ornamental private lawns and the can porch enjoys the sunlight to breathe life and harmony, interconnecting the outdoor to the indoor.


The Revers ParkCity offers all the best valued living elements that requires tor your daily life style. An automated and secured entry and access system, dedicated lane for the residents, ample car parking spaces, wide and spacious roads and lanes, appropriate, installed groan landscapes and hardcapes ... all has made the city unique and unnamed. An eco-friendly sewerage system to ensure healthy living. A commercial area with retail outlets to cater the daily needs of Rivera ParkCity dwellers. A lake at the north-east part of the project has created a recreational environment among The Rivera ParkCity dwellers. Other than the above mentioned features each Rivera ParkCity dwellers will enjoy their cure prorate green lawns.


Systematically planned satellite mode town within the capital city of Dhaka was first evolved by the entrepreneurs of this group in 2004 at Dumni, Khikhet, Dhaka beside the 300' Purbachol expressway. There are approx 450 living units of full detached and semi-detached bungalows and town-houses already built and handed over to its delighted customers most of whom are residing there with profound peace and harmony. The site has already become a good tourist destination and mostly foreigners are choosing to live or rent there. Tropically articulated green landscape, plain and disciplined road network, in-house garden, open-to-sky terrace, numerous trees and flowers, chanting of birds and bees... all have made the PinkCity Xenovalley are unparalleled living episode of this metropolitan city.


Capitalizing the decade long experience of the PinkCity Xenovalley, Dumni, Khilkhet, Dhaka the entrepreneurs are now inspired to launch another gated development in the presettled location of Aminbnazar, Dhaka which is expected to be more appropriate and flawless to the affluent-class community of this country. More elegant size and patent of Bungalows encompassing a second open-to-sky terrace with provision for private swimming pool, water-body or Jacuzzi electronically controlled access with dedicated lane for the residents, separate utility and service lane at the backyard, fully paved and rendered landscape and hardscape, ample car parking spaces (5 car parks for 5 katha homes), modified plantation and green turfing with easy trimming and modification, designed trashes for garbage store and disposal, etc are some of the new developments which are already introduced in the second project of these entrepreneurs named the Rivera ParkCity, a premium version of the PinkCity Xenovalley.

The Rivera ParkCity is encompassing approximately 500 living units in 4 phases with a club-house in the central location.

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