Terms & Condition

The properties of Revera ParkCity are extra-ordinarily precious and any kind of purchase require soundly precise attention and high-value considerations to accomplish the total course of documentation. A buyer should accommodate with enlisted lawyers and architects to avoid certain risks. The whole process of buying properties of the Revera ParkCity is executed in the following steps-


Approach to our authorized sales officers and agents for available properties with price and specifications , visit the site and the property at your own and see and analyze the documents of the desired property. Your profile might also be reviewed with utmost privacy


Fill up, sign and submit the Application and Declaration form with due formalities. Then our authorized sales officer/agent will produce a Memorandum of Reservation for you to initialize the buy and sale process. Carefully sign and endorse the Memorandum of Reservation revealing your finance Plan and payment structure, Price of the property varies upon additional design, configuration and modification. Our architects will assist you in this regard.


After endorsement of Memorandum of Reservation, our authorized sales officer/agent will produce the Contract for Sale document which is required to be signed and endorsed with a specific down-payment and a payment schedule for the balance payment. After signing the Contract for Sale, you will be given an Access Card (Smart Card) to visit and inspect you booked property. Only enlisted agencies shall be allowed to take part in the construction and development process. A Deed of Restrictions is required to be signed and endorsed at the time of signing contract for sales documents. This deed of restriction is nothing but a support from your side to ensure proper and appropriate maintenance of the easements, amenities and facilities already built and/or to be built within the project boundaries for their ever-lasting and most disciplined manner.


After finishing of the payment schedule and the constriction works of the property, all the keys and access cards of all gates will be handed over to you along with authorized occupancy certificate. The registered deed of conveyance shall be executed in favor of you after completion of the project in all aspects.